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"A rewarding experience"

"LifeLine made our operation of a mobile unit a rewarding and much easier experience than I ever imagined."
Cheryl Krause
Program Manager
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh






Successful programs for our owners in more than 20 countries

The LifeLine Mobile unit

Inside and out, LifeLine mobile medical units are commercial-grade, not residential-grade. Our mobile unit vehicles simply last longer.

Mouse over the numbers below to read why LifeLine Mobile is your premier choice for a world-class mobile unit.

Mobile medical unit Rear camera for excellent visibility while parking or passing. Super-bright scene lights for great visibility. Optional recessed awning folds into the body so trees won't damage it. Your one-piece roof never leaks like RVs and busses. No cheap rooftop blower AC units--ours is a real ducted system. Optional hydraulic lift for people or freight. Eye-popping graphics customized for your program. Plenty of windows for a bright interior. Optional slide-out walls boost space by up to 40 percent. Most models feature a 160 cu. ft. indoor storage loft. LED lighting means ultra-long-lasting lighting. Storage undercarriage for utilities and power generation. Hydraulic stabilizing system levels the vehicle automatically. Heavy-duty wheels, tires and axles are tougher than busses and RVs. Our pull-out stair system never intrudes into your floor space. All-metal diamond-plate undercarriage outlasts cheap plastic exteriors. Clean-burning, powerful diesel engines for long life.

You wouldn’t use your home for a public building any more than you should use a recreational vehicle as a public space. They simply won’t take it for very long. But our first mobile medical unit, all commercial-grade, is still on the road after 27 years of hard use!

Ask your LifeLine representative for a guidance sheet with 30 reasons why we're best. In the meantime, take a look at four key quality considerations that make LifeLine Mobile units first-in-class.

Many people use RVs, school busses, or other light-weight vehicles, but our commercial-grade, truck-based mobile medical units are the premier choice for medical imaging, mammography, community health clinics, dental clinics medical trailers, and mobile laboratories.
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LifeLine Mobile builds vehicles for you for all kinds of uses. Here are just a few:

Primary care screening


Prenatal screening

Blood collection & donation

Wellness screening

Sports physicals

Asthma testing


School based dental programs

Occupational health

Vision screening

Laboratory research

Dental sealants

Migrant worker health care


Faith-based health outreach

Bone densitometry

... and many more!