Mobile Units for Healthcare

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Mobile Mammography

Our specialized mobile unit web site for mobile medical units is designed to give you some extra information about our LifeLine Mobile mammography, mobile dental, mobile medical, mobile laboratories, and mobile blood collection vehicles that are custom-crafted for your community outreach program.

"Our mobile unit is beautiful!"

"Our LifeLine Mobile unit is all that we were promised. Every person we dealt with was willing to explain the procedure and answer questions. Our mobile unit is beautiful; we're really proud of it!"

Cindy Tanton, RN
Southeast Cancer Dothan, Alabama

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Mobile Medical

We manufacture mobile medical units for medical, dental, mammography, community health clinics, mobile dental, blood collection, and laboratory research. In short: we help you reach out to your community.

Find out more about us with our Free Planning Guide for mobile medical units.

New access to dental health!

Click to take a look at a new 40 ft. long mobile dental unit in Seattle..

Seattle mobile dental unit

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Mobile Dental

Packed with must-have information, our FREE Planning Guide can save you hundreds of hours of research.

  • 6 reasons why mobile medical or mobile dental makes sense
  • 10 top considerations before starting mobile laboratories or a bloodmobile venture
  • 12 basic planning questions before buying mobile medical units or bloodmobiles
  • 4 key factors in deciding on a body style for your mobile lab or health clinic
  • 20 key features to consider in planning your mobile medical or mobile dental unit.
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Mobile Laboratories

LifeLine Mobile can build full BL-3 labs that move from site to site!

Our innovative construction methods and air flow controls allow you to perform just like you're inside a brick-and-mortar facility. We feature mobile laboratories that offer full telemedicine capabilities and advanced technological functions. Click our Planning Guide to learn more!

Mobile Unit Planning Guide