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Professional space in motion

Creating a mobile environment

Whatever the nature of your outreach commitment, LifeLine's mission is to provide you with a purpose-built, specially equipped, affordable mobile unit. In short, we want your mobile unit to be a glowing success.

Check out 5 new mobile units from LifeLine

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  • 22 foot long mobile unit
    We can manufacture a mobile unit to work for your program. This one is used for counseling in Washington, DC
  • 29 ft. (8.8m) long mobile counseling unit
    You can name the cab-chassis design for your program and your environment. This one is a mobile child-parent counseling unit.
  • 36 ft. mobile unit
    Primary care screenings in your market area keep your name out front for people to see.
  • 40 ft. mobile unit
    All-weather operation over 365 days is easier with a LifeLine Mobile unit. Unlike RVs, these truck-based units are made for harsh climates.
  • 40 ft. (12.2m) long mobile unit
    About half of our mobile unit customers operate in urban areas, like this one in Washington, DC. Parents and students can come on board and visit in comfort.

Why LifeLine is your best choice

We offer more work space, greater patient and staff comfort, and more indoor storage, just for starters. As importantly, our chassis is tougher than a converted RV or school bus, so you get a longer life.

We're the leader in mobile health care units. And our comprehensive information is yours for the asking. We keep you informed about the best ways to assure that your new mobile unit achieves total satisfaction and maximum use of your resources.

Compare our work space to others

Most people who make mobile units shun comparisons to LifeLine. But here, we invite you to see how we measure up. Our materials, craftsmanship, caliber of equipment, scope of experience, work space, technical support, warranty terms, and payment flexibility are simply superior to others.

Talk to our owners

Many of our mobile unit owners are repeat buyers. Best of all, you're bound to find some that have experience at exactly what you're trying to accomplish.